As a school psychologist, I don’t get much time with students unless I am testing or counseling them.

But, my favorite part is advocating for the child through their parents, teachers, and school staff or professionals.

When a teacher or parent talks to me about a behavioral problem, I generally focus on the adult. I try to shift their perspective by having an honest conversation about what is truly impeding them back from showing up for the student.

Because truth be told, our students are limited. Their brains are not fully developed, they are learning how to navigate this world, and they are depending on us to lead, teach, and support them.

When I first started working in education over 10 years ago (omg! I can’t believe I just said that), I used to judge, blame, and shame anyone who could not manage a child’s behavior. I mean if I could control “Johnny” why couldn’t they?

But this approach helped no one.

Anyone who would experience my judgment immediately shut down or got defensive. I soon realized it was a lose-lose for everyone involved – the parent, teacher, and most importantly the child.

After many mistakes, lessons, and training, I now believe that it is of utmost importance to support the adult working with the student particularly because I know that if the adult feels seen, heard, appreciated, and has a good self-care practice then the student will be guided with more understanding and love.

Giving a teacher or parent a long list of strategies to implement or judging them is ineffective. You have to intuitively meet the teacher or parent where they are at and get a deeper understanding of the dynamic between the adult and student(s) to make a long lasting effect.

My passion in helping leaders lead with integrity and love comes from my personal experience as a child and leader, and my thorough understanding that the way we interact with ourselves and the world is primarily influenced by our childhood experiences.

Many of us struggle emotionally and socially.

It’s time to take our power back and change the way we related to ourselves and one another.

I support leaders in learning how to better interact and manage those they work with. Need a little extra help? Reach out here and let’s chat…