Personalized Coaching

This is for educators or organizations who need guidance in:

Supporting the social-emotional and behavioral needs of students who identify as Black and/or Latinx.

Advocating for Black and/or Latinx families and children with Individualized Education Programs (IEP’s).


Creating environments that truly see, hear, and love Black and/or Latinx children and youth.


Supporting yourself as you advocate and meet the needs of your students or clients who identify as Black and/or Latinx.

Speaking up with confidence and clarity when confronted with micro-aggressions or challenging situations related to racism and oppression (e.g., sexism, violence towards black and brown bodies, discrimination, etc).

I teach educators, organizations, and parents how to empower Black and Latinx youth with the social-emotional tools needed to help them navigate and thrive in the world. As consultant, I use my extensive knowledge in mental health, behavioral analysis, and social-emotional learning to help you develop and implement alternative solutions for you and the student(s).


You may benefit from consultation and coaching if:

You have historically implemented the recommended disciplinary procedures from your organization without any knowledge or awareness on how these practices negatively impact Black and/or Latinx individuals.

There are a high number of disciplinary referrals in your school and/or classroom.

Feeling lost on how to support your students who have significant behavioral difficulties (e.g., verbally and physically aggressive, eloping, argumentative, etc.).

Student is showing limited response or progress to the implemented behavior interventions.

You have exhausted all of your strategies and interventions.

Consultation & Coaching includes:

  • Collaboration with other Mental Health Professionals, Leaders, and/or Educators
  • Personal and Professional Development
  • Leadership Skills
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Communication Skills
  • Development and Implementation of Social-Emotional/Behavioral Strategies and/or Interventions
  • Mental Health Wellness
  • Trauma Informed Practices