Dance saved me

Dance saved me, but in a very unconventional way. It held up a mirror for me and reflected back unhealed parts of myself. It revealed how much I truly hated myself and unworthy I felt. It showed me how I betrayed myself by people-pleasing and over-giving to gain the...

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Leading with love and integrity

As a school psychologist, I don’t get much time with students unless I am testing or counseling them. But, my favorite part is advocating for the child through their parents, teachers, and school staff or professionals. When a teacher or parent talks to me about a...

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The finish line isn’t always fulfilling

In my 20’s, I had the belief that… moving out of the projects getting a higher education accomplishing all my goals and making a lot of money …would bring me happiness, safety, and fulfillment. But, it didn’t and it hasn’t. I dreamed of a sense of fulfillment and...

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I’m Michelle

I’m the founder of Dance Warriors, a program created to help women live more authentically and build self-confidence. With an  M.S. in Counseling and extensive background in behavioral analysis and dance, I use my diverse skills to guide women back home to themselves and dance their way to self-love.  I also spend my days helping children with their emotional and academic needs as a School Psychologist. I offer various services, including 1:1 Coaching, dance workshops, empowerment seminars and more.